It’s over, ESPN. And it’s all your fault

I’m done with ESPN and you should be too.

Understand something… I used to love ESPN. There was a time when my channel was almost always set to the all-sports network. I loved their coverage. I loved the content and the delivery. I loved getting non-stop information about the teams I loved and the teams I hated. I’d watch SportsCenter all morning long, even on repeat.

But that’s all over now. And, like any great love affair, I’m going to have to end this romance with some very hurt feelings and raw nerves. But I can honestly say, in this case ESPN, the problem isn’t me, it’s you.

Let me reiterate: I was a huge fan of this network. And even as they began the slow creep of political correctness and even political activism, I overlooked it and tolerated it because I am a huge sports fan.