Does anyone understand what these "Never Trump" Republicans think they're achieving?

We know why they do it. Some of them are truly shocked and upset by Trump’s rough edges. He’s not your grandfather’s Republican. He’s more like your grandfather’s buddy who got Pops drunk and took him to a brothel long before he ever met grandma. Trump’s rude and crude, and that rubs a lot of Republicans the wrong way. His cheerful vulgarity and vindictiveness, which many find his most attractive qualities, offends some people because they’re decent people of moral character who just can’t go there. It rubs others the wrong way because they’re hopeless wusses who would rather be loved by the WaPo than kick liberals in their Harry Reids.

Others undermine our party’s leader because Trump dropped a deuce in their profitable punch bowl. They used to have power, and now they’re on the sidelines, and it gnaws at them. For so long they had control of the Republican Party, and they could shamelessly lie to our faces at election time back home in the sticks, then return to Washington, D.C., take off their sensible shoes, slip on their Gucci loafers, and proceed to do the bidding of their donor masters. Ka-ching!