Trump’s attacks on GOP senators are self-defeating

If Flake loses the primary to Ward, Democrats could very well win the seat. Ward is a proven loser who was trounced in her foolhardy primary challenge against McCain in 2016. She recently exposed her political tin ear by calling on McCain to resign right after he was diagnosed with brain cancer — even suggesting that she be appointed as McCain’s replacement. She held town hall meetings to discuss “Chemtrails” — a conspiracy theory which holds that aircraft are deliberately spraying us with mysterious chemical substances. Ward is the 2018 version of Sharron Angle, the disastrous tea party candidate who cost the Republicans a winnable Senate race in Nevada in 2010 and gave us six more years of Harry Reid. Ward could hand Democrats a Senate seat in Arizona for the first time since 1988. And even if Flake holds her off, a costly and unnecessary primary race could weaken him in the general election, while draining resources Republicans should be using to target vulnerable Senate Democrats and expand the GOP’s Senate majority.