The terrorists of the left

Here’s the problem with going the terrorism route, though — while the Patriot Act provides a definition of it, there is no specific criminal charge for domestic terrorism in federal law. Defining Antifa as a terrorist organization doesn’t mean a whole lot. As such, there is a bit of a low-reward problem here; just Monday John Fund noted that despite all the bad behavior by these groups the U.S. Civil Rights Commission refused to denounce Antifa violence. What this means is that as Fund says, quoting the old Marxist maxim, there are “no enemies on the Left.”

The Democrats will protect Antifa and Black Lives Matter until and even after someone directly involved with them kills in their name. We know this. We know it because of the short shrift given to leftist violence in the wake of the James Hodgkinson attack on Steve Scalise and his GOP congressional colleagues, and we know it because of the kid gloves they’ve treated these people with as they’ve destroyed property and injured people in their previous rioting.