Why one big-time Republican consultant thinks Trump won't be president by 2019

Cillizza: Charlottesville. Is Trump’s handling of what happened a real moment. As in, will Republicans look back and define his presidency as before Charlottesville and after it? If so, why? If not, why not?

Murphy: Yes, I think it was a true boiling-over point. I’m sure it did very little damage to Trump’s hard core, but those folks are only enough to half-fill third-tier arenas in base GOP states, not hold the White House. And the energy of the anti-Trump forces is much higher now. Out here in California, they are beating their dreamcatchers into stabbing sticks. While there have been other Trump failures, it was this sad episode that truly revealed how Trump sees the world. He failed the big test of a President. He should have defended American values. Instead he proved he doesn’t really understand what those values are. That has lit a very big political fuse.