Nazi-hunting fantasies have unhinged the left

I’ve learned from Twitter in the last week that not only is the Trump White House chock full of white nationalists, but that also extends to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, along with the entire Republican Party. When Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio denounce Nazis, that doesn’t mean they’re not Nazis, it just means they’re posturing. Paul Ryan “owns” Nazism just by being a Republican, I guess. Oh, and unless he’s actually impeaching Trump, he’s a brownshirt.

People who complain about calling everybody Nazis are Nazis. Anyone who points out that there were also violent, anti-democracy anarcho-Communist “Antifa” demonstrators in Charlottesville is simply making excuses for Nazis—even if they work for the New York Times.

This isn’t even guilt by association. It’s guilt by free association, and it seems almost calculated to prevent the overwhelming number of people who oppose fascism and white nationalism from making common cause with one another.