The extremist show is just starting

Then came Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally, exploiting the statue issue. America suffers from a lack of detailed news reporting on what exactly happened when, but the event dissolved into an extremist-on-extremist brawl even before its scheduled start. A woman would later die when a Nazi sympathizer drove his car into a crowd. The press would cite two more victims, police who died in a helicopter crash, though they had actually been on their way to provide support for Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s motorcade.

All the wrong lessons are guaranteed now to be learned. For the Antifa crowd, not only did they win a manufactured victory over President Trump, but other jurisdictions, without consulting voters, are now racing to remove Confederate statuary. Even Mayor Signer on Friday changed his position to favor removal of the Charlottesville statue. White supremacists, for their part, get to play the victim—their legal demonstration was disrupted. And they are only too pleased to join the national media in misinterpreting the president’s convoluted remarks as a defense of white supremacists.