As a white evangelical leader, I have said too little on racism. I ask forgiveness.

To my African American brothers and sisters: I am grieved and angry that once again, bigoted people are using violence and hatred to deny you opportunity, equality and dignity.

To my Jewish brothers and sisters: I am angry and burdened by the anti-Semitic chants and violence in Charlottesville. For centuries, the Jewish community has endured such persecution and hatred. This supremacist ideology is evil; it destroys our humanity, and it must stop.

To my refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters: For many decades, we at World Relief have had the privilege of walking alongside you in your journey toward a safe and productive life in America from the countless backgrounds and cultures you bring with you. You have taught us so much about dignity, love, forgiveness and sheer grit, as you overcome the injury and injustice of systems that were designed to limit and diminish you.