Time for my fellow Republicans to stand up and be counted

Equally funny, in a sick way, is how many backers of Trump are suddenly seeing so many shades of gray, for want of a better term, when it comes to white nationalist marches in America. In World War II, there were undoubtedly Germans who didn’t share the Nazi ideology and were killed by American GIs. Just as there undoubtedly were American soldiers who were “bad apples” lusting for the kill. But we don’t think “both sides” were at fault for the Second World War. I don’t recall many Bush administration supporters worrying about “both sides” in the 2003 Iraq War, either—those poor innocent, pure of heart members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, for example, whose lives were taken by American military forces during our invasion of their country. When police officers have been involved in violent altercations, I must have missed all the Republican leaders attacking “both sides” for the loss of life. If memory serves, Republicans have instead been powerful, even strident, defenders of the police. Rare are those questioning the motives of the cops or wanting to dive deep into, and defend, the motivations of those who attacked them. When O.J. Simpson was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, where were all the Republicans who thought maybe Nicole Brown Simpson had it coming? Maybe Ron Goldman threatened O.J. with violence? Maybe “both sides” were in error there, too.