The New Right is not a pack of neo-Nazis but of James Damores

Think of it this way: Damore appears to be a leading indicator; in fact, he is a lagging one. Significantly but not exclusively in tech, a generation or two is coming of political age that broadly shares the following characteristics. They have little or nothing to owe the Republican Party. They have self-policed to rise as high in the corporate ranks as their merit and skill permits, or have avoided working for a boss entirely, spending little if any time “weighing in,” especially on social media, on the issues of the day.

They are not income-poor, but are aware of the precariousness of almost all fortunes today and are weighed down by a concern that the right kind of life is becoming ever more costly, rare, and disapproved of outside the hinterland. They are cosmopolitan by nature in the sense of seeing other deep thinkers worldwide as their peers (many have lived or frequently traveled abroad).