Anthony Scaramucci's aggressive incompetence

The Mooch made far graver mistakes than that, and anyone with a minute of communications experience would not have made them. Did he really think he could make such incendiary, news-relevant comments to a prominent journalist and see none of it in print? And if it was not a mistake —Trump reportedly loved the Scaramucci quotes — that itself speaks volumes about how this administration operates and miscalculates. So it isn’t much of a surprise the Priebus is the one who lost his job.

One social media wag joked that Scaramucci was impaired. As Julieanne Smolinski hilariously tweeted, “I mean, who hasn’t done a ton of blow and thought, ‘I should call the New Yorker RIGHT NOW.’” Although probably not cocaine, Scaramucci must have been under the influence of something: probably power, or hubris, or anger, or all three, not to mention a lack of knowing something what any minimally experienced communications person could have told him:

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