McCain's revenge

From the turnabout-is-fair-play files, as long as John McCain was going to torpedo his own party and the nation to assuage his obsession with only supporting bills approved of by Democrats, Senator Rand Paul decided “Game on!” On Friday, Dr. Paul, long one of the Senate’s most aggressive opponents of Obamacare, blocked the Senate from moving directly to consideration of McCain’s cherished NDAA. Not knowing when his bill may move to the floor, I suspect McCain will simply return to Arizona, any future return date uncertain at best. For Dr. Paul, a hot-off-the-grill revenge is fine as well…

Following his back-stabbing vote, John McCain, as sympathetic a character as his health issues might make him this week, deserves to feel the sting of a Republican senator. If McCain never returns to the Senate, it is fitting that the last vote he casts will be one which, unfortunately for the nation, adds some credence to the words “He’s no hero.”

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