Yes, that letter to Trump from a nine-year-old is real

So, we found Pickle. He is real, definitely real. He likes watching baseball and playing on his scooter and Donald Trump.

It took us a little while. Mostly we typed in endless searches on Facebook — but then what have we spent the past decade doing besides learning how to track down people on Facebook? There he was in a picture, a cute blond with a buzz cut, posing with his brother and a dog.

His mother responded to a Facebook message and then called Thursday night on the phone when she got back from the grocery store. It had been a busy couple of days. She’d gotten a call on her cellphone the day before, while the family was driving home from a Giants game. It was from the White House, telling SueAnn that a letter her son had written was going to be read aloud during a news briefing in about 20 minutes. SueAnn called her cousin and asked her to record it.

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