Why do single women have such low voter turnout rates?

According to a report by the Voter Participation Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on getting young Americans registered to vote and Lake Research Partners put out last week, some 40 million Americans who voted in the 2016 presidential election aren’t going to vote in 2018 midterm elections. And while single women, people of color, and millennials are popularly known as the Rising American Electorate, according to the study, two thirds of the aforementioned 40 million Americans will be members of the RAE.

Just by nature of the fact that there tends to be less energy and publicity around midterms, just about every voter demographic experiences a pretty steep decline in voter turnout from presidential elections to midterms.

But while turnout among older white voters is expected to decrease 22 percent from 2016, turnout among millennials, people of color, and unmarried women could fall 35 percent. There’s some logical explanation for this.

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