The rise of the mini-Trumps

The world’s best Donald Trump impersonator is now in charge of White House communications—and if nothing else, it’s making for great television.

For evidence, look no further than Anthony Scaramucci’s mesmerizing Thursday morning interview with CNN. “The Mooch”—as he is known among his friends and admirers (a group that seems to include a growing number of reporters)—was coming off a late night spent waging a bitter and outrageously public battle against White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, when he called in to CNN’s morning show New Day. For the next 30 minutes, he put on a compulsively watchable performance that so precisely captured his boss’s style that it seemed designed to demoralize Alec Baldwin.

Scaramucci’s voice dripped with Trumpian machismo; he began sentences with “look” and “let me tell you something,” and ended them with “OK?” He careened unpredictably between combativeness and schmooziness in his exchange with anchor Chris Cuomo—threatening him one minute, then insisting he was “just teasing” the next. He punctuated his proclamations with as many redundant adverbs as he could get his hands on (“absolutely, completely, and totally reprehensible”), and let loose a rat-a-tat of chyron-ready metaphors in his candid descriptions of administration infighting (“the fish stinks from the head down”). You could almost imagine the president himself sitting next to Scaramucci, whispering lines into his ear.

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