The Democrats’ anthropological field trip to study Americans

Moreover, the flip side of saying, “We’re the party focused on economic goodies for working people,” is Don’t mention the culture! The effort is as doomed as Basil Fawlty’s effort to forestall mentioning the war, in an English hotel full of Germans, by repeatedly crying out, “Don’t mention the war!” The stuffed moose that prompts Basil’s strange behavior by falling on his head in Fawlty Towers is like the Democratic donor base of special-interest groups and social-justice plutocrats. You’d say crazy things too if your brains had been scrambled by Act Blue.

Do Americans really have a hard time figuring out what the Democratic party stands for? These are their foundational beliefs: Abortion must be available on demand, with the leading abortion provider to be heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars. The NRA is a bigger threat than radical Islam. The federal government must make restroom policy. Religion is for suckers to cling to. Bakers who decline to participate in gay weddings must be destroyed. White people outside the sophisticated neighborhoods of the better cities are largely racist. Illegal immigration isn’t much of a problem, or is maybe even desirable. Fracking is at best a necessary evil, at worst an actual menace, rather than a boon and a blessing. Oil and coal must be punished for their wicked ways.

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