It’s a vasectomy party!

“We felt that if it looks sterile, like a doctor’s office, then guys wouldn’t feel as comfortable,” said Shane Geib, the urologist who snipped Messrs. Ferretti and Lopez. Leather sofas, TVs and wood paneling at Dr. Geib’s Obsidian Men’s Health in Tysons Corner, Va., help put patients at ease, he said.

Urologist Paul Turek, who has clinics in Beverly Hills, Calif., and San Francisco, said group vasectomies are a growing trend. When a group arrives, he closes the office to accommodate the men comfortably.

A limousine recently delivered a group of biotech employees from the same firm, he said. With jazz playing in the background, “I move like the wind,” Dr. Turek said, finishing each man after a song or two, about eight minutes.

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