The impossibility of being Jared Kushner

Jared’s friends say he needs to stay because otherwise Steve Bannon and the nationalists will be in total control of the White House. This is certainly the message Jared tries to communicate when he’s out with Ivanka in the Hamptons: Listen, I get it, but you want us on that wall, you need us on that wall, because we’re the only sane ones.

But there are other pressures to remain aboard. His departure would be covered as a scandal. It would make him even more of a target, at the leaking-mercy of all those who stayed in. Trump doesn’t want any staff shake-ups right now. Nobody inside thinks Reince Priebus is doing a good job, sure, and that’s a situation that can be resolved when the siege is lifted. Until then, he stays, Sean Spicer stays, there is no exit, there is no escape.

And what is waiting for Jared outside Fort Apache, anyway? He can’t just click his heels and go back to the Upper East Side – he’s in as deep as anyone else. Old friends will keep him at a distance. His family’s company is in trouble. His kids won’t be shoo-ins anymore to Brearley and Dalton and the other top Manhattan private schools. The world he left behind will exact its revenge for helping put That Man in the White House. He’ll be viewed as one of history’s losers.

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