No surprise: On Obamacare, GOP senators don't do what they don't want to do

But that sense of obligation aside, it does show very clearly that many Republicans just do not want to repeal Obamacare. They said they wanted to do it, they made it their top policy priority, they campaigned on it — and now, with the power in their hands, they don’t want to do it. The same is true in the House. (See “Why can’t House repeal Obamacare? Because a lot of Republicans don’t want to.”)

After McConnell admitted defeat, McCain, the man whose health crisis started the final Jenga collapse, released a statement saying lawmakers should start over. “The Congress must now return to regular order, hold hearings, receive input from members of both parties, and heed the recommendations of our nation’s governors so that we can produce a bill that finally provides Americans with access to quality and affordable health care.”

Maybe the GOP will follow that course, or maybe not. But with Obamacare in deep trouble in McCain’s Arizona and elsewhere, it is clear that Republicans will eventually have to do something about it — whether they want to or not.