Joe Scarborough: Hannity's show is "state-run television"

Hannity, a conservative commentator who openly supports the Trump administration, asked the president’s son largely soft questions during their interview.

“Lying to the New York Times, lying to the American people, saying this meeting was just about adoption,” Scarborough said about the Trump administration, according to Mediaite. “Then the next day lying about the people that were in it, then going on a TV show that basically is state-run television and being asked at the end of that TV show, ‘Is there anything else that we don’t know about?’ And Don Jr. saying, ‘That’s it.'”

Hannity has criticized Scarborough on his show, referring to him as “Liberal Joe” in a reference to his program “Morning Joe.” Scarborough is a former friend of Trump’s who offered him favorable coverage during the GOP primary, but his show has been one of Trump’s fiercest critics over the past year.

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