"Mr. President, you know what it's like to be a black man"

POLITICO: What do you guys talk about?

KING: I tell him that the establishment will tell their lies. They will try to keep him down. … I tell him, ‘Now Mr. Trump, they’re treating you like a black man.’… I say, ‘Mr. President, you know what it’s like to be a black man. …No matter what you say or do, you are guilty as hell.’

POLITICO: Anything more specific?

KING: Don’t worry about appeasing the establishment. Don’t acquiesce to an alleged power. … Be with the people, not the establishment. … The guy that’s sitting next to you … that’s who you got to beware. Judas was sitting right next to Jesus. … You know, Trump’s a genius. I don’t have to be telling him what to do and how to do it, but I tell him things to stimulate his mind, how to think about things. … We talk as friends, we sit down and talk about the problem of the day or the current events. … I can be like a Tillerson without the portfolio because I’ve been around the world.