Christopher Wray seems like an honest, eminently qualified FBI director. Don't confirm him.

Remember: Wray is only up for the job of FBI director because Trump fired Comey in a self-admitted attempt to try and quash the Russia investigation. Robert Mueller, the independent counsel, is now reportedly investigating Trump for obstruction of justice in the firing. It can’t be said enough: That firing apparently came about because Trump was fed up with Comey’s public failure to exonerate him in the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Don’t forget, too, that recent days have brought new evidence and allegations of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. Donald Trump Jr. has admitted meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton; officials are now reportedly investigating if the campaign helped Russian cyber operatives target “fake news” blasts for maximum electoral advantage.

A poisoned tree? Right now, it looks like poisoned fruit all the way down.