Buying Ivanka Trump: Fans embrace her brand as a political statement

“I want her to continue to be a good role model for women in business and forge on,” said Koth, 46, a stay-at-home mother of four in Carterville, Ill., who posted a photo of herself wearing the dress for a Kentucky Derby-themed fundraiser in May, with the caption, “My Ivanka Trump Derby dress!” and an American flag emoji.

“I just think it is wrong for her to be attacked,” Koth said.

Buffeted by her father’s tumultuous tenure in the White House and increasingly polarized views about her family, the first daughter’s clothing company appears to have found a new and growing base of customers: women who view purchasing her products as a way to make a political statement.

They post selfies while wearing her dresses, citing their pride in supporting Trump and her family, and urge other women to join the cause.

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