Reince for President

It’s been a rough week for the White House, so reportedly—yet again—Reince Priebus might get fired.

Surely, no high-level government official in American history has been said to be on the verge of ouster so early and so often. Being the subject of shake-up rumors is practically Reince Priebus’ job description. If he’d been fired every time the possibility had been raised in the press, he’d be the Billy Martin—the legendary oft-fired and rehired Yankees manager—of the Trump administration.

Priebus isn’t the only one. You don’t truly qualify as part of the Trump team unless the president has vented about how woefully you’re failing him. Donald Trump has been angry at his first Senate endorser and attorney general, Jeff Sessions; at his chief ideologist, Steve Bannon; at the man he selected as national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, after having fired his first national security adviser; at the FBI director he fired, James Comey; and the special counsel, Robert Mueller, appointed because he fired his FBI director.

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