Trump keeps doing things he criticized Clinton for

President Trump and his team spent much of 2016 attacking Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama for corruption, a lack of transparency, and gross negligence while in office. It worked. Trump won the election in November, much to the surprise of nearly every political observer. Now in office, however, Trump has often failed to practice what he previously preached. In fact, the very things he was once so critical of when it came to Clinton and Obama have been fixtures of his administration. Here are a few.

1. Trump and his team said Clinton had improper ties to the Russian government during the 2016 campaign, drawing attention to Clinton’s involvement in the sale of uranium to Russia and the “praise of Russia by Hillary.” Emails released Tuesday revealed that his son, Donald Trump Jr., actively sought damaging information about Clinton from Russian agents in 2016.

2. As a private citizen Trump frequently criticized Obama for refusing to release records, calling him the “least transparent president ever” in 2012. He even accused Obama of paying to seal his college records because he had something to hide. Since taking office Trump, has rolled back several precedents for transparency put in place during the Obama administration, including reversing a policy of releasing White House visitor logs. Trump has also not yet released his tax returns, becoming the first president and presidential candidate not to do so in four decades.