No, CNN isn’t dying in the ratings

The narrative that CNN’s ratings are in free fall has been such a common narrative in non-Left media over the past week that I won’t embarrass anyone by singling them out. But it’s a narrative that’s the opposite of “Fake, But Accurate” — more like “Real, But Inaccurate.”

What’s true is that CNN’s ratings were lower at the end of June than at the beginning of the month, going from 15 of all households to 0.8% of all households in primetime. It’s also true that at the end of June, Nick-At-Nite reached a greater percentage of all households.

What’s also true is that in Q2 of 2017, CNN had more viewers, both in primetime and the total day, than it’s had in years. I’m not generally a fan of Politifact, but here they simply asked Nielsen for the ratings data. Politifact was told by experts that year-over-year quarterly data is generally how the industry makes these comparisons, which is confirmed if you read AdWeek or Variety on the subject.

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