The foolishness of Never Trumpers

One of my favorite statements from the Never Trumpers is that Trump is not really a conservative. This is after his successful appointment of Neil Gorsuch, his nomination of many other judges who have not been questioned as to their conservative credentials and enacting what some believe is the single most conservative cabinet in U.S. history. Just by appointing Scott Pruitt at EPA, Betsy DeVos at the Education Department and Scott Gottlieb at the FDA — not to mention Ajit Pai at the FCC — is enough to warm the hearts of any Republican. His constant campaigning for Republican candidates and the victories has no effect on the Never Trumpers. His tax proposal and move to dismantle Obamacare does not mollify them. His moves at the border causing the reduction of illegal entries does not seemingly encourage them. None of these have given solace to the Never Trumpers.

Sure, you can point to stupid proposals like the $25 billion for family leave which will grow into $150 billion once the Lefties get their hands on it. But every president does stupid policies, for example Nixon and the EPA. But our job is to put a stop to such folly and march forward. Yes, you can criticize Trump. That is not what we are saying.