The Trump-media tiff goes transatlantic

Then Friday, as the world turned toward the much-anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump, it seemed the media were, without much self-awareness, committing the same sins for which they’d blasted Trump — basically undermining the president on foreign soil.

There was no mistaking a negative trend among commentators as they imagined what might transpire between the two world leaders. If the media weren’t consciously trying to undercut the president’s authority while he was overseas, then unconsciously, they were doing a pretty good job.

No wonder Trump voters hate us, I thought. Even the president’s harshest critics couldn’t have missed the many probable scenarios in which Trump was likely to fail. Even if you disapprove of Trump, he’s still the only president we have. When he represents the country abroad, as he did at the Group of 20 summit, his success and failures belong to us all.

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