CNN, journalists should have no pity for anonymous internet trolls

The fact is, this man was free to post whatever he wanted; he was not “censored” as Turley claims, any more than I will have been “censored” when I get attacked by the alt-right for writing this column. This man’s speech was completely free of any restrictions. What his defenders are objecting to is him being accountable for what he wrote and posted. Holding a person accountable for what they say is not a violation of their free speech, unless the entity doing it is the government.

There are consequences to our speech. If a person wants to be in good standing in society, then they perhaps should not post racist garbage on the Internet for fun. We are not obligated to protect a person’s identity so they can spread and foment racial hatred. They should take the hood off and own their behavior. Their targets do not have the luxury of being anonymous, after all. So why should they?

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