Newt Gingrich is living his best life -- thanks to Trump

But Gingrich’s help in understanding Trump comes with a heavy price tag: $60,000 and first-class travel for two if the speech is on the East Coast; $75,000 if it’s west of Chicago. Understanding Trump also happens to be the title of his latest book, which he name-dropped three times within the first 30 minutes at one of these speeches he gave at Cornell University — three months before the book’s June release. (The third time even he laughed.)…

It’s not just the pricey speeches, which his speaking agency, WorldWide Speakers Group, describes as “unique and unparalleled insights” from the Trump era’s “primary thought leader.” Gingrich has now written two books since the election — and sold thousands of copies. The first is an e-book called Electing Trump, which is mostly just excerpts of speeches and interviews by Gingrich. (That hasn’t stopped him from promoting it, though: In a lecture at the Heritage Foundation days after the release of the book, he name-dropped the e-book a few times.) The other, out last month, Understanding Trump — already a New York Times bestseller — sold more than 60,000 hardcover copies in its first two weeks, according to Nielsen bookscan.

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