Trump provokes CNN’s self-immolation

1) The environment in which Donald Trump has been forced to maneuver is utterly devoid of the deference and protocol normally accorded the president of the United States. From the wee hours of November 9, when the inevitable failed to materialize and Donald Trump was elected president, the press, Hollywood, academia, the cultural establishment, almost all Democratic politicians (and not a few Republicans) have been on a non-stop campaign to delegitimize the man and prevent what anti-Trump crusaders like Gabe Schonfeld have disparaged as the “normalization” of Donald Trump. From the preposterous “nothing burger” of the “Russian collusion” myth to the equally preposterous idea that Trump’s exchanges with the compromised former FBI director James Comey about Mike Flynn amounted to obstruction of justice, Trump has been forced to operate in a veritable minefield of suspicion and malevolent scrutiny.

2) When it comes to “encouraging violence,” what’s more effective: the round-the-clock assassination porn dispensed by the Left against Trump or a comic altered video of a wrestling prank? Unfortunately, James Hodgkinson is not available for comment and I believe that the anti-Trump “ethics professor” who bashed Trump supporters over the head with a bicycle lock is still in jail.