How Trump will win his war against the media

There are two more observations. There is intense pressure within media companies to conform to the anti-Trump movement. If you dare to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat and are employed at CNN or other liberal news agencies, your career will be over. There is zero tolerance for dissenting political opinions or balanced coverage in much of the national media these days.

Finally, the president obviously does not care about White House protocol in responding to those assaulting him verbally or in print. He is calculating that disparaging the media will actually help him retain power in the long run. He believes that folks are fed up with the press.

He may be right but his scorched earth “fake news” campaign runs the risk of getting tiresome. No one really cares about cable TV morning commentators or what they did on New Year’s Eve. Wasting time on that stuff does little to advance the country’s interests.

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