Why they hate Trump so much

This is why they hate him so much. Because despite doing everything they can think of, Trump is still standing. Then he punches back. His blows are surgical and hilarious. They take next to no effort, while the Left is literally expending all its energy and having no impact. He’s using the media’s own tools against it. He’s using social media – the Great Equalizer – against them. He’s using Alinsky against them. He’s kicking them when they’re down.

And the more he fights back, the more the Left rages…and the more the media exposes themselves as being utterly corrupt, and how truly hateful the Left has become. Nor is this a fringe element. This is the Left. They are putting on a show for all to see, and are too stupid to realize that everyday Americans are paying attention. You think Democrat losses in 2016 were bad? Just wait.

I can only hope that stage three – depression and detachment — will never arrive. It will be much less entertaining if the Leftist all just shut up.

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