Trump has further divided America, but also exposed our resiliency

While it may all be temporary, the stock and real estate markets are doing great, there is no massive social unrest, crime (despite what Trump likes to claim) is not historically high, and unemployment, though somewhat deceptively, is very low. It is almost as if most of the country, realizing that Washington is now literally a joke, has decided to simply view what is going as purely entertainment and to ignore the rest of it.

Regardless of what the real reasons for us not collapsing into chaos are, I think we can all take a certain perverse pride in what our nation is currently not only enduring, but through which we are actually somewhat prospering. If the best way to judge the strength of a country by what it can withstand and still persevere, then what we have seen in the first six months of the Trump presidency may, in a perverse way, be our one of our greatest modern achievements.

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