Joe Scarborough still wants to make "Trump: The Musical"

Last summer in a GQ profile, you were in the early stages of writing and pitching something called Trump: The Musical. At the time, you’d said that his win would be “even better” for the project’s viability than if he lost. But now that he did … well?

Joe Scarborough: When I said that, I, of course, didn’t think he was going to win. Nobody really thought he was going to win. Trump: The Musical was going to be historical fiction. I wrote the songs in the middle of the campaign, in the summer [of 2016], and people would always stop when we were recording and say, ‘What if he wins?’ I’d go, ‘It’s not gonna happen.’ Then after he won, I’m like, ‘What are we gonna do?’ But then suddenly … the problem is just the opposite — I could write a song every day about another crazy thing. But it’s moving forward. [My agent] Ari Emanuel and I are working on it. It may be a multi-platform deal where it’s not just a musical, but a reality TV show about a musical — American Idol meets A Chorus Line, where you have people trying out to play the president and members of the Trump family.

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