If Clinton had won, would her poll numbers be any better than Trump’s?

In the last Fox News poll before the election, Clinton was viewed favorably by 42 percent of Americans to Trump’s 38 percent. Since then, Trump has seen gains with Republicans and independents (and to a lesser extent, Democrats). But among independents, Clinton was viewed less positively than Trump both then and now. She would likely have seen a gain among Democrats, too, but she started out higher. If she saw an equivalent gain among independents as did Trump, her favorability rating with that group would still be lower than his is now. (It’s also not clear that she’d see much of a gain among Republicans.)

Favorability is not job approval, of course, and it’s impossible to know what else is happening in this world where Clinton is president. But the stark partisanship of approval numbers combined with the antipathy of independents toward both of the final two 2016 candidates suggests that, even if Clinton had won, her presidency might not be rolling along with much more approval from the country than Trump is seeing.