Chris Christie is not good at this

Sadly, today could have been a great opportunity for Governor Christie to actually gain political capital, if he had just had the sense to play it right. Imagine if, instead, he had decided to forgo that family beach day — just like his constituents had to forgo it — and then shared that decision of solidarity for all those constituents to see on his social media.

That’s what a good, smart politician would have done, but unfortunately, that just doesn’t describe Chris Christie anymore. It used to; I still remember when he was supposed to be Republicans’ Next Big Thing. Hell, I didn’t agree with him on everything, but even I still kind of liked him, because he just seemed to have that “something” that people like. Personally, he kind of reminded me of “America’s Tough but Lovable Dad.” You know, someone who would make you afraid to miss curfew, but warm your heart playing his banjo around a campfire while you all laughed and roasted wieners.

Did Governor Chris Christie do anything illegal? No, of course not. But it is bad optics, and it shows that — even after seven years of serving in his position — Governor Christie seems unable to understand that service is actually what his job is supposed to be about.