Why I’ve decided to unfollow the president on Twitter

So, where does that leave someone like me? I work at The Post, and I need to follow the news. Still, I’m a bit player in Washington, not a power player; I’m not a reporter, I’m not a news editor and, if I’m honest, Trump’s tweets aren’t need-to-know information for my daily life. I also know that if the president says something great/terrible/impressive/awful/ordinary, it will get covered to the nth degree. We will all know about it within minutes.

And so, this morning, in an amazingly easy process, I chose to “unfollow” the president’s personal account. Then, I chose to follow Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), Republicans who were outspoken in their criticism of Trump’s tweets Thursday. I already followed Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who also was quick to call out the president, and, as I told you, I followed Hatch. To round things out, I also followed Sen. Mark R. Warner (Va.), a Democrat known for his public civility.

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