Is Nikki Haley the alternate Secretary of State?

Tillerson was an effective CEO, but his considerable skills do not seem to translate well to the intensely political nature of his job. He’s accused of not understanding that Trump and his team get to control staffing while also cutting himself off from the career Foreign Service officers who know how the department and international diplomacy work.

By contrast, Haley’s appointment didn’t seem to be based on any notion that she could accomplish a thing. Putting her at the U.N. was a minimalist effort to throw a bone to the Never Trump wing of the Republican party. A stern critic of Trump during the campaign who was humiliated by the billionaire’s landslide win in South Carolina, Haley may have expected a job that her experience as governor of a small, mostly rural state might have prepared her to do. It was unclear whether she actually knew anything about the subject of foreign policy.

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