National allegiance requires national solidarity

The well-connected liberal journalist Ezra Klein wrote that he favored a law that would have lowered the standards for proving sexual assault. What was odd was that he favored the law specifically because it would make men afraid of false reports of sexual assaults.

This is strange on the surface. Liberals are usually seen as supporting the rights of the accused. At the time, the leftist writer Fredrik deBoer wrote that rules that disfavored the accused would make it easier for the police to target the poor, the non-white, and the unconnected.

Maybe that is the case in reality, but Klein gave the game away as to his intentions in his original article. He wrote about the law as necessary to change the culture of campus fraternities. If campuses were using the law to target black students, Klein would obviously be outraged. If campuses target fraternities (as long as they were predominately white fraternities), then that was just what society needed. It didn’t especially matter if the accusations were true. It only mattered that the socially appropriate targets felt the “cold spike of fear” that produces social justice.

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