North Korea’s "psychopath" quip on Donald Trump good for America

North Korea, via its state-run Communist Party newspaper, put out the message that President Donald Trump’s a “psychopath” who needs to be curbed and controlled.

Hallelujah. North Korea thinks Trump’s a nutcase. It’s just such messaging that’s great for America — that’s great for America’s national security.

This is what the Communist Party newspaper wrote: “South Korea must realize that following psychopath Trump … will only lead to disaster.”


The more U.S. enemies regard U.S. leaders as basket cases, one cross word shy of flying off the handle and starting a worldwide war, the better. In terrorist lingo, that’s called Respect. And with respect, comes hesitation to act impulsively — something we surely want terrorists, murderous nations and despotic dictators to keep in mind as they go about planning their terroristic murderous, despotic aggressions.

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