Should you really put a gorilla in a kiddie pool?

Gorillas, like people, tend to outgrow much of their youthful exuberance as they age.

Play-fighting, pranks and silliness are usually on the decline by the time the animals reach young adulthood, experts say.

A notable exception: “Zola,” a 380-pound Silverback gorilla living in the South gorilla habitat at the Dallas Zoo.

Unlike the other four males that Zola lives with, the 14-year-old Western lowland gorilla has a special relationship with water in particular. His handlers say he loves nothing more than rain puddles, moats and — as a new viral video reveals — giant kiddie pools filled with a foot or two of H2O (gorillas can’t swim, by the way).

The video, posted to the zoo’s YouTube page on Tuesday, shows the gorilla splashing, thrashing and spinning like a top in plastic pool in a manner that brings to mind an overgrown toddler. The video has racked up nearly 500,000 views so far and led many to refer to Zola on social media and in news headlines as the “break dancing gorilla.”

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