Bill Maher goes off on Democrats: Grow some ‘balls’ or you’ll keep losing

Despite President Trump’s dwindling approval ratings—hovering at around 40 percent nationwide—Dems have lost all four special elections since Trump took office, albeit in four red states where the candidates gained considerable ground on their predecessors. In other words, the tide is turning, but not as fast as many Democrats would like, which has led to some members blaming party leader Nancy Pelosi for the losses.

But, according to Bill Maher, it’s not Pelosi’s fault—it’s Democrats’ lack of fight.

“The Democrats poured a ton of time and money into [the Ossoff] election, and he came so close. Party leaders are calling it a terrifying brush with success!” joked Maher.

The Real Time host was presumably citing the $23.6 million that donors poured into the Ossoff campaign versus the $4.5 million in donations that Handel received. Of course, when you factor in outside money, it’s a lot closer: $31.2 million for Ossoff and $22.7 million for Handel, who received a whopping $18.2 million from party committees and super PACs (the right-wing media has been pushing the false narrative that Ossoff spent six times more than Handel, failing to factor in outside money).

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