‘A complete fabrication’: FCC blasts the Washington Post

Officials with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) blasted The Washington Post Friday over a story alleging that the FCC’s Chairman Ajit Pai is getting too cozy with the White House.

Pai’s chief of staff, Matthew Berry, said in a tweet that WaPo reporter Brian Fung invented a fake meeting between President Donald Trump and Chairman Pai.

“Washington Post reporter @b_fung invents fake meeting btwn the President and @ajitpaifcc. Does Post not do basic fact-checking these days?”
— Matthew Berry (@matthewberryfcc) June 23, 2017

The Washington Post suggested that Pai met with Trump on Thursday as part of a larger meeting with tech industry leaders. While Pai did attend a breakout session with tech leaders as part of a general conversation about policy, he did not meet with Trump.

He left at 9:45 a.m. for an FCC Open Meeting, according to the spokesman.

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