New App can tell you if you are psychic or not

Like nearly facets of our modern lives, paranormal research is now moving into our pockets as developers build smartphone apps designed to make the mysterious mobile. There are already apps to test if your home is haunted, apps to make your loved ones into digital ghosts, and now Ouija boards are even now supported by most mobile operating systems. A new app released by the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) claims to be able to test whether users have psychic powers or not. The app, called PsiQ, contains three separate tasks which test for three different mental superpowers: psychokinesis, precognition, and well, precognition again, but these time in a subconscious, sixth-sense kinda way. After conducting the tests, users can then use the app to compare their scores to other users.

The PsiQ loading and menu screens look straight from the depths of the most pseudoscientific New Age blogs.

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