Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. Should I sue him?

Should I sue President Donald Trump for blocking me on Twitter?

I never expected to ask myself those words. But life is strange. And so is Twitter, especially when the president is involved.

Trump blocked me on June 15. I can’t say exactly why, though it probably had something to do with my tweet mocking his use of the term “WITCH HUNT.” (I told the president he should stop comparing himself to witches because it’s an insult to them.) Soon I was blocked, and I later wrote an article about it.

The following day, I heard from a legal intern at the Knight First Amendment Institute. He wanted to know if I was interested in serving as a plaintiff in a potential lawsuit against Trump. The Knight Institute was founded at Columbia University in 2016 to defend free speech in the digital age. In recent weeks, the organization has turned its attention to Trump’s Twitter fingers, arguing that because his account—@RealDonaldTrump—is “a designated public forum,” citizens have a First Amendment right to respond to his tweets regardless of their political views.

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