Why I am still baffled by the outrage over the Philando Castile shooting verdict & video

The 2016 shooting death of Philando Castile by police officer Jeronimo Yanez may very well be a horrible tragedy which was completely morally unjustified. However, even after Yanez’s trial (which resulted in his acquittal) and the subsequent release of the dash cam video, I seem to be one of the very few commentators willing to say that we just don’t know that to be true, and that there is another entirely different scenario which is still very viable.

I wrote about this case back when it happened and appeared on television to “debate” Mediaite founder Dan Abrams about it. My view then was that this situation had all the markings of a classic rush to judgment by the media and that there were a lot of things about the case against Yanez which either didn’t make sense, or at least didn’t add up to him having committed a major crime.

Since then, while I have tried extremely hard to understand why even most of my fellow conservatives seem to strongly disagree with me, my position hasn’t changed very much. My guess, for what it is worth, is that this shooting was a horrible misunderstanding which was created by the confluence of a nearly perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances. I am still not certain, however, that Officer Yanez wasn’t completely justified in doing what he did.

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