Sarah Palin's latest business venture: Running a right-wing content farm

In this respect, it would seem Palin aspires to be like Laura Ingraham, the conservative media personality and Fox News contributor who in 2015 founded, a conservative news and lifestyle site with the motto “Life. Explained.” The difference, of course, is that Palin is not just a right-leaning television presence — she was once nearly second in line to be president of the United States.

Others of her ilk have tried similar means of jumping on the digital-news gravy train, too. Allen West, the former congressman, has a website that looks a lot like Palin’s and also runs aggregated content. And Herman Cain, the colorful former presidential candidate, has a website that posts content written by him, Dan Calbrese, a Christian conservative author, and Robert Laurie, a conservative columnist. It’s not quite the same, however, since it’s opinion writing.

Still, Palin is far more popular than either of those ex-politicians.

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