Once again, Jon Ossoff proves you can't buy an election

Of course Jon Ossoff didn’t win yesterday’s special election in Georgia’s sixth district. Heck, it wasn’t even all that close. Karen Handel beat him 52 percent to 48 percent, a few points better than Donald Trump did in the same district.

This was predictable. Ossoff was born in the sixth district, but he had lived an awful lot of his life outside it and couldn’t even vote for himself because he lives in Georgia’s more urban fourth district. And he was definitely out of line with the district politically and culturally. GA-6 includes the prosperous and staunchly conservative northern suburbs of Atlanta, while he was campaigning by appealing to the self-styled “resistance” on the Left.

All Ossoff had going for him was a bunch of exaggerated national press from reporters outside the district, a bunch of endorsements from Hollywood types outside the district, a bunch of eager volunteers flooding into GA-6 from outside the district, and above all else, a giant pile of money raised from people outside the district—Ossoff donors from California outnumbered donors from Georgia by almost ten to one.

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