Corey Lewandowski, Trump's perfect press secretary

Lewandowski is the better choice, so perfectly does he channel Trump’s contempt for the media. Adviser Kellyanne Conway invented “alternative facts,” but nobody promulgates them on Trump’s behalf quite as vehemently as Lewandowski. That is why he may already be part of a “war room” created inside the White House to push back against the demoralizing stream of Russia investigation news…

During the campaign, he threatened a CNN reporter, saying if he left the press area, he would be “fucking blacklisted.” Later, as a CNN commentator, Lewandowski urged Trump to sue The New York Times “into oblivion” for publishing two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return.

This may all be outrageous, but at least it’s honest—that is, it seems to honestly represent the president’s views on the media. That’s certainly better than the silence that has become something of a modus operandi for Spicer. Trump craves attention from the very sources he denounces; Lewandowski’s enmity is not similarly shaded. To have that enmity unfiltered is refreshing, in a way.

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